UMUHUZA UPDATES 1st Quarter 2017

Women taking marriage vows during Family Day celebration of legalizing marriages in Gicumbi

Umuhuza Presents Positive-Parenting Messages and Promotes Legalization of Marriages for Major Impact in Rwanda's National Family Campaign!


One of the issues discussed by Umuhuza’s 1,146 Community Volunteers in counseling families in Gicumbi District (after receiving training from Umuhuza and Save the Children staff on positive parenting skills) involves legalizing of marriages that would also benefit children of informal families. In Gicumbi District 657 couples agreed to legalize their marriages. [...]

Men taking marriage vows during Family Day celebration of legalizing marriages in Gicumbi


A Family Day Celebration took place on November 10 and 25, 2016 at Burera’s Stadium in which families from all over the district were invited to hear positive-parenting messages as well as to celebrate with the 544 parents who have been trained in the Umuhuza and Save the Children program. [...]


In eight new sectors within Ngororero District 3,317 families were reached in outdoor meetings and parent evening events involving 27 Community Family Facilitators (CFFs) in 20 villages. The Umuhuza CFFs provided parents at the meetings with information about Early Childhood Development (ECD) programs, legal marriage, and legal registration of children, as well as strengthening family finances with participation in savings programs that earn interest. [...]


The Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion (MIGEPROF) launched the National Family Campaign with the theme "Positive Parenting, Foundation for Stable Families” on October 15, 2016. The campaign ran through the end of November 2016. Rwanda’s First Lady Jeannette Kagame and the Minister of Gender and Family Promotion Hon. Nyirasafari Esperance kicked off the month-and-a-half campaign in Cyahinda Sector where the First Lady called on Rwandan parents to reflect on their primary responsibility of raising their children and “… the family’s stability to achieve national development. MIGEPROF Minister Nyirasafari noted “family is the foundation of the society. Whenever it is shaken the nation's development suffers. Solutions are in our hands as parents.”

Umuhuza is already involved in programs to promote all these goals, including positive-parenting training, early childhood development skills training, and promoting legalized marriage among informal families. As a result, 657 Mass Marriages were celebrated in Gicumbi District (see photos and article avove)! More information on Rwanda's National Family Campaign can be found at

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